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New Horizons

A month from now, Lord willing, I will be boarding a plane for Armenia. It is a remarkable opportunity to pour into these international pastors as I do leadership training. I suspect they will enrich me more than I can assist them. The Lord has privileged me to do mission work in several states: Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Vermont, and Alaska, as well as other countries: Brazil, India, Albania, and now Armenia.

I know that some of our churches are struggling. We have pastors who face challenges. Financially, there always seems to be more demands than dollars. I get it. We are not awash in money at the Associational level. But, would you ask God if He would help you partner with us? Thanks to your generosity I am fully funded for the trip. But, our Baptist State Convention has asked us to help those international pastors. It will cost around $300 for one of them to attend. If you want to provide support for this, just send a check to the Association and designate it: "Armenia."

Please pray, whether you can give or not. Pray for safe travels, health while I am there, and for the power of the Holy Spirit to work.

Yours for New Horizons in Missions,

Dennis Thurman, Mission Strategist

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