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Pastors and Church Leaders: Let's join Jesus together on mission to those who protect and serve

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Hello Pastors and Church Leaders, 

After much prayer and preparation, Jesus has provided an open door for us as an Association to once again join Him on mission together and make a tremendous gospel-centered impact in the lives of many people and families in our County! As you know, law enforcement officers and the entire first responder community have been in many ways dehumanized across our nation. Before our eyes, the first chapter of Romans is unfolding in our country and in our county. The stresses of public service in this environment are not only impacting those who protect and serve but their families as well. Into this darkness, we can bring the light of the gospel. Into this brokenness, we can declare the good news of Jesus Christ!

Our mission plan is simple. On Friday September 11, 2020 from 11am to 6pm (times subject to change) we hope to serve every Frist Responder and their household a BBQ meal. Coupled with this meal will be personal prayer, notes of encouragement from our churches, a county-wide church locator, and a simple, printed gospel presentation.

With me, Joe Cassada is providing key leadership and organization. In addition, a core group of pastors and church leaders who attended our first organizational meeting are serving as team leaders. WE NEED YOU! This mission is bigger than any one church can do alone.  We need you and your church to pray for and participate in this mission for it to be a success for the glory of God.

Because of the faithful and generous giving of many of the churches in our Association, the necessary funds to accomplish this mission have been provided through the regular budget. If your church is not giving to the Association, may I humbly ask you to consider leading your church to help fuel the mission of Jesus through your Association with your generosity. While no funds are immediately necessary for this mission, we are asking churches to help provide on location tents, tables, chairs, and their own face coverings.

Below you will find the pertinent details. With every mission, flexibility is always important. That being said, it is critical that we know the number and names of people from your church who are going to serve by the August 30th date.


Date: Friday, September 11, 2020

Time: 11am - 6pm, subject to change based on feedback from agencies, trying to cover both shifts

Serving: 600 – 900 BBQ meals coupled with personal prayer, notes of encouragement from our churches, a county-wide church locator, and a simple, printed gospel presentation. Sample coloring pages for the children of your church to use are below.

Locations: 4 locations with one being he primary food supply location: Clyde Area (HCC & core supply location), Waynesville Area (Encouraging Word Baptist Church), Canton Area (High Street Baptist Church), Maggie Valley Area (Dellwood Baptist Church).

Needs: prayer, people, resources like tents, tables, etc.

Volunteers: 10 to 20 volunteers per the location, volunteers eat too

>>>> Need volunteers’ names reported to the HBA Office by Aug 30 <<<<

Please direct any questions to the HBA office and either Joe or I will connect with you. God bless you and thank you for serving King Jesus!

Pastor Jason Miller

Strategy Coordinator

First Responders Coloring Sheet 2
Download PDF • 491KB
First Responders Coloring Sheet 1
Download PDF • 463KB
First Responders Coloring Sheet 3
Download PDF • 547KB

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