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A group of us are to fly to Vermont this morning where God has planted a church and is making inroads with the Gospel. Seed has been sown in a spiritually harsh climate. We want to see where God is working and join Him in that work. Only one thing should motivate us—the royal law of love! It is our love for God and those made in His image that compels us to spend time and money to see sinners saved and saints strengthened.

In Stephen Olford’s excellent devotional book, “According to Your Word,” he writes:

Fulfill the royal law.” – James 2:8

The royal law is defined thus: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself ” (v. 8). And it is the command that the Lord Jesus pointed out as including all other commandments. Of course, this command implies love to God first, and then love to man. James points out that the fulfilling of it is the hallmark of kingship or royalty. So that if I am a genuine king and priest to God, I am one who fulfills this command. He goes further to explain that he who shows partiality and who breaks this royal law commits sin. “God shows no partiality” (Acts 10:34); so why should we? Whether poor or rich, they should be loved, honored, and recognized without partiality.

No wonder the Lord Jesus was the Friend of Sinners!

Teach me to love others as You love me, Lord. (p.219).

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