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Memorial Day marked the informal beginning of the summer season. That often means a "summer slump" in church attendance and giving.

But, it need not be. While it is true that most of us will take a vacation from work, we ought never to take a vacation from worship. Wherever we go, a house of worship is likely available. If church members practiced this, the slump would not be experienced as our services would be supplemented by out-of-town guests, even as we are away at another church.

Options such as online giving mean we can still support our local church. Then, if we cannot attend while away, we may still watch the services online or listen to the audio. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Seven days makes one week, and seven days without worship makes one weak. I need it. The church needs you.

Yours for Honoring the Lord's Day,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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