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I am ready for Spring! The cold air invading this weekend will hopefully be the last gasp of old man Winter--of course, in the mountains, you never know! Yet, the daffodils are blooming, the grass is starting to green, and some trees are budding and flowering. Spring is about to spring.

With that, there are some reminders of what else is coming in this season of church life:

  • TIME CHANGE--this Saturday night you move your clocks forward and lose an hour of sleep, but we do enjoy that extra daylight. Go to bed early instead of snoozing through the sermon--especially if you are a pastor. Talking in your sleep is dangerous.

  • EASTER OFFERING--The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is a spring staple in Baptist life. All those funds go to get the Gospel out to North America. Pray, give, and go as God directs.

  • FOOD ROUNDUP--Broyhill Children's Home could use your help! Please collect food in April. Feeding these kids' bodies with an opportunity to feed their souls is a privilege.

Serving the Lord Together,

Dennis Thurman, Haywood AMS

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