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As the Supreme Court begins consideration of legislation that has the potential to overthrow the infamous Roe V. Wade decision, I was thinking of this as a matter of life and death. Then, listening to Al Mohler's "The Briefing," podcast today, he used that same phrase. Indeed, it is. If these judges do not reverse that horror, then I have little hope that it ever will be until Christ returns and judges the wicked who promote such violence against the most defenseless.

I am grateful to our new Executive Director Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Todd Unzicker, who has sent out an urgent call to prayer for this life and death matter. Here is a link to this:

Please read and rally with your church family to intercede. It is a matter of life and death--and not just for the babies. It is a matter of life and death for this nation. God will not allow much longer the butchery of these babies. He is merciful and long-suffering, but there is a point of no return--a time when God says, "ENOUGH!" As to the slaughter of the innocents, I say, "ENOUGH!"

Yours for Life,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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