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Even the most dedicated cowboy has to dismount and get some shut-eye. Yet, it is time to get back in the saddle after his rest. That time between Christmas and New Year's Day seems like a time to catch our breath as a church. We visit with family. We enjoy a holiday. Then, the New Year arrives with new opportunities and it is time to saddle up. 2023 beckons us to head back down the trail of Great Commission action!

What is true of the local church is also true of our association of churches. Our Quarterly Meeting for Haywood Baptists is slated for Tuesday, January 10. We will meet at 7 PM at our Associational Office. It will be a time to hear reports of what God has done and what we pray He will do through us in the coming year. Mark Tice, Pastor of East Fork will bring us the message. We hope our pastors and other messengers from our churches will meet with us then.


Dennis Thurman, AMS

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