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Is there value in cooperative efforts? I saw that value last night. Our Association's Canton churches joined in community outreach at the July 4+1 Festival. With the capable leadership of Jason Miller, Pastor of Dutch Cove, they came together to offer various ministries, family fun, and giveaways that provided opportunities to meet the people to share the Gospel using a few survey questions. We discovered needs to pray for--and often prayed with people on the spot. Not even the rain could dampen the enthusiasm of many volunteers from a significant number of churches working together in the Great Commission. I was thrilled to be involved and share information about our churches beyond just the Canton area because several folks I met were there from other parts of Haywood County.

Is it possible that one church alone might have done this event? Of course, it is possible, but I doubt it would have been done with such success as done together. There is a synergy created when we join hearts and hands in the work of the Lord. These days, when there is so much polarization in our nation, it is good to see Christians united rather than divided. Pastors and churches refused to see each other as rivals but as partners. Thanks to everyone who helped! Teamwork makes the dream work!

We want to expand beyond this at the same spot on Labor Day weekend, where we plan to be set up for ministry on Sunday afternoon through Monday. We will need many more volunteers and pray for all of our churches to take a shift and contribute to the effort in some way. Stay tuned for more details!

In His Love,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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