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So, this Lord's Day brings one of the favorite times on the church calendar--time change! We gain an hour of sleep and that usually yields a gain in attendance. Also, there is generally less grumpiness and more gladness reflected on Baptist faces. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! So, remember to have your members turn their clocks back an hour when they go to bed this Saturday night.

Speaking of a change of time, we as a church face times of change. Things are not how they used to be and are not likely to ever go back. Change is occurring at an exponential rate. That is hard. Usually, the only ones who like change are babies--and they cry about it! Sadly, one of the worst things about the cultural earthquake that is shaking our world, is that the world seems to be impacting the church much more than the church is impacting the world! That needs to change!

What would be a significant change in your life spiritually that would help you become more like Jesus? What is one change that your church might make that would make the biggest difference in enabling the church to glorify God in a greater way? Progress requires movement. Henry Blackaby put it, "You cannot stay where you are and go with God." He added, "Look to see where God is working and join Him in His work!" Wise words.

Thank God that in these turbulent times, we can look to an unchanging God--to Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever! We have a Book that is immutable, eternally relevant, with the 2000 year old Gospel that still changes lives! That is what He desires to do in me and you and through us as His people.

Yours for Growing in Christ,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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