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Rick Gage will speak at our Pastors' Conference this Monday at 10 AM at our HBA office. We would love to have a good turnout of pastors, but we also would welcome any lay people interested in evangelism to join us.

You will find some information about Rick in this newsletter. "Go Tell America," does a great job in planning evangelistic crusades and Rick Gage is a gifted communicator of the Gospel message. We are asking you to pray about the possibility of partnering with them to have a crusade here in Western North Carolina perhaps next year.

After hearing Rick, those who want to go to lunch and have a deeper conversation will be welcome to do so.

One thing is certain--we are not engaging our community in evangelism as we should. We must find ways to make an impact through sharing the Gospel. If we do not, then we are being disobedient to the mission our Lord has assigned to us.

Yours for Souls,

Dennis Thurman, Mission Strategist

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