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FBI: Free Baptist Info!

There are several events coming up that I hope will arrest your attention! (Get it?)

Next Monday at our Pastor's Conference, Allen Schuyler of the NC Baptist Foundation will be with us to lead a seminar on how pastors can prepare to leave a legacy (and inspire our members to do so). We may not want to think about a last will and testament. We might think this far in the future. Wisdom and love should move us to prepare today! It all starts at 10 AM.

I would love to sign up a few folks to travel to Florida and do recovery work, December 5-10. So far, we have had zero folks sign up. Within the next week or so, we need some commitments. Will you pray about it?

Pastors, spouses, and staff: we are planning a Christmas party here at HBA on December 12 at 6PM. It will be a great time. Put it on your calendar and let us know if you are planning to be here.

There are more details available concerning these events in the newsletter. Call us, if you need additional info!

Your Brother,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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