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Shepherds are called to feed God's flock. Pastors do this as they faithfully preach the Word of God. But, shepherds must eat too! Often I am fed from podcasts, videos, and books. But, one of the best ways is to come to the Pastor's Conference that meets most Monday mornings at 10 in the chapel of the new Associational Office, located in the former East Waynesville Baptist Church building.

I need it--and all the Lord's shepherds do. Last week, Pastor Josh Evans of Crabtree Baptist Church shared an encouraging message from Revelation chapter one. This coming Monday, John Swanger of Calvary Road will bring us a Word from God.

We sing, pray, share, and are fed the Word of God. Then, those who can go out to lunch and have more fellowship time. Jeff Holder of West Canton has done a fine job over the last year leading the conference as President. We are grateful to him. He says it is time to find a new leader. Pray for the one God wants in this strategic spot.

I know we have men who are bi-vocational, and others that a Monday morning doesn't work for you. If you would be interested in a monthly evening meeting, I would gladly schedule something. Please let me know if there is interest.

Yours in Shepherding,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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