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In a few days, we will celebrate Independence Day. But, you can live in a "free" country and still be in bondage. Sin enslaves us. No human government can liberate us. It is in bowing before the King of kings that we find true freedom.

"Jesus answered them, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36 NKJV)

Those who have experienced that freedom should be most eager to help others find it!

With that in mind, we invite you to join us in Canton's Sorrells Park on July 5, to share the love of Christ with those from all over the county--and perhaps even farther away. We need help with set-up and clean up and several other areas during the celebration. Please wear any t-shirts, etc. with your church name and logo. Also, you are welcome to bring brochures from your church to make available. Your next church member might be someone who comes to the celebration! You can see the following page for more info.

I realize that a number of you will have prayer meetings. But, don't forget you can assist before and after. Also, you can pray specifically for Gospel opportunities and that the Spirit of God will work in people's hearts.

Yours in the Truth That Sets Us Free,

Dennis Thurman, Mission Strategist

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