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As I regularly pray about and weigh my priorities as an Associational Mission Strategist, I ponder how to fulfill those responsibilities. Last evening, I thought about four pillars that are foundational to my work with our churches.

Pillar #1: Rooting: the work of planting new churches. Some will always protest, "We have enough churches in Haywood County!" Yet, there are pockets of lostness that no one is reaching. It is not that existing churches cannot reach them, but currently, we are not! There are enough lost people to overflow our existing churches and more. So, we will need to start new churches from time to time--not to steal sheep from existing flocks, but seek the lost lambs.

Pillar #2: Reinforcing: the strengthening of fruitful churches. There are productive churches, but no perfect churches, this side of glory. Healthy grape vines are pruned and nourished so they can be even more fruitful. I want to help build on the momentum.

Pillar #3: Revitalizing: the renewing of declining churches. There are numerous struggling churches. Despite the challenges, these churches have a window of opportunity. God is able to bring revival to people who are honest and humble enough to face their needs and seek God's intervention. If I can aid you in that process, please let me know.

Pillar #4: Replanting: the restarting of dying churches. Sadly, some are on life-support, barely breathing. These no longer have the energy to be revitalized, but can be replanted. The church as it once was is honored for God's work in them in the past, with a new congregation rising in its place. Often, this is accomplished in partnership with a healthy church. I am willing to serve as a "match-maker," in that process.

Please pray for me to be faithful to the work--that Jesus will use me for His glory!

Your Brother,

Dennis Thurman

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