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From Jewish Eyes

When interpreting Scripture, we tend to see the text through American eyes. It gives a distorted picture. Jesus was not a European Caucasian. He was not a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. Jesus was a Jew and all the Bible is written from a Jewish perspective. So far as we know, the only books a Gentile wrote were Luke and Acts, penned by Luke. Yet, his writing, under the Holy Spirit's inspiration, still has a Jewish flavor due to his close connection with Paul.

So, we have the opportunity to see the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ through Jewish eyes. Jonathan Mann, of Chosen People Ministries, will be in our area, on Sunday evening March 10, and Monday morning March 11.

On Sunday night, March 10, he will be at Mt. Zion for the 6:15 service. Jonathan will be sharing Christ in the Passover, and we will have the Lord's Supper. If your church does not have Sunday Evening services, then we would love to have you join us at Mt. Zion.

On Monday morning, March 11, he will speak at the Pastor's Conference at the HBA that begins at 10:00 AM. Jonathan will talk about the resurrection of Christ from a Jewish perspective.

As we have entered this Holy Season, we pray this will fuel your passion in celebrating the Gospel of Christ!

Yours in the Name of Jesus, Messiah,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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