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We gathered with pastors, wives, and staff at Haywood Baptist Associational Office for a Christmas party. It was a time of fun, food, and fellowship. I just wish more of our pastors and staff members had been able to attend, but I know it is an incredibly busy time. God willing, we will do this each year, and perhaps those who could not join us will be able to do so next time.

My dear wife organized it and furnished the desserts. Kanini's catered it. Our Administrative Assistant, Kayla Mashburn helped us, with her husband Cody. Janet Frazier planned the games. Steve Frazier was the comedian. I gave a Christmas sermon outline. I will share that in a future newsletter.

We are here to support and encourage the leaders of our churches. It is a big responsibility to shepherd God's flock. I pray for you regularly. If I can serve you in any way, please let me know!


Dennis Thurman, Haywood AMS

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