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The Southern Baptist Convention has designated January 16, 2022 as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Many of our churches, along with evangelical churches of other denominations, will have this time of memorial for over sixty million babies that have been brutally butchered in their mother's womb since the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. That decision is being revisited by the current Justices and so we are praying fervently for the reversal of that horrible perversion of the Constitution. I wrote about this in my previous blog and so I will not revisit that. You may read more in the December 1st, 2021 post, "A Matter of Life and Death."

What I want to add is a couple of opportunities to enhance your stand and equip your service for the sanctity of life. We are excited that a crisis pregnancy center will be opening in Waynesville! MAPS--Mountain Area Pregnancy Service will bring a compassionate, competent outreach to expectant women and the wee ones they carry in Haywood County. Kristi Brown, MAPS Director will share more with the Pastor's Conference this Monday at the meeting's conclusion. We will update you as more details are available.

In a matter of days you can better prepare yourself to share your faith and the rationale for being pro-life through a seminar to be offered at Westwood Baptist Church. It will help you engage with others who are on the opposite side or perhaps straddling the fence. You can follow this link to learn more and to register for the FREE apologetics event:

Let's take a stand!

Yours for the Least of These,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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