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You have likely heard of the sign (you may even have one at your church building), "Enter to Worship; Depart to Serve." It's a Biblical thought, but sometimes there is a short circuit between Sunday and Monday.

One of the most significant mission fields we have is the workplace. Christians, living out their faith by industrious effort first, and then intentional evangelism and discipleship, undergirded by prayer, can have Kingdom Impact.

Maybe we agree but we are not sure where to start. I have come across a book, "The Monday Morning Christian," by Howard Partridge. A friend of mine from Texas is helping to promote it. This would be a wonderful tool for a men's group in the church and/or starting a study at your office or a business leaders' breakfast. A discount for multiple copies is available through my friend. Howard can be scheduled to speak at your church, or even through a zoom meeting. We have several samples at the HBA office if a pastor or Men's Ministry leader would like one.

Here is a link to learn more:


Dennis Thurman, AMS

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