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If you are a pastor and do what you ought, you can never be a "part-time pastor." There always is more that might have been done if you had time to do anything else. Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week is impossible, but even if it were possible and done over a lifetime, it would not exhaust such labor of eternal significance.

There are those who look at pastors as working an hour or two on Sunday. Then maybe making a hospital visit, counseling with someone in trouble, occasionally officiating at a wedding or funeral. They prepare a sermon or two and do a few odds and ends around the church office. Maybe there is a meeting to attend. Pretty cushy job, right? That may be the case for a few preachers, but that is not how I did it, and neither most preachers I have known. Sure, there are some lazy pastors, just like in every vocation, but most of the men I am acquainted with labor long and hard.

Then, what about bi-vocational pastors? Those guys have a paying job and preach too--so I guess they are part-time pastors. NO! I have been bi-vocational on occasion, and what it amounts to is a man has two FULL-TIME jobs! He has to make a living and provide for his family, or Scripture says he is worse than an infidel. Some of our Haywood Baptist Churches are too small to adequately support a man to exclusively pastor. But, since he has a heart for God and His people, he pours himself out for them as much as he is able. I cannot express how grateful I am for such men. Although you may not be able to be as involved in the Association as much as you would like (there are only so many hours in a day), we are here for you.

To show appreciation to all our pastors, we have planned a picnic. We did it on a Saturday in hopes that as many men and their families as could have the opportunity to attend. You do not have to do anything but let us know how many are coming, and bring a dessert. Everything else will be provided. We will meet in the middle shed in Canton Park on August 5 beginning at 11 AM. Please call us right away and let us know.

With Appreciation,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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