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The seventh chapter of Nehemiah underscores that if any church is to have revitalization, it will require dedication.

Dedication involves RELIABILITY. We see those dedicated to their service, (v. 1-4). These were assigned positions of responsibility because of their reliability. Reliability is developed in the little things of life--that which often does not seem so important. Scripture teaches that only as we are faithful in small matters can we be entrusted with greater responsibility. Will you be one of those reliable church members? That is the dedication we need.

Dedication also requires REVERENCE. We see those dedicated in the sanctuary, (v. 1-2). God desires for us to be dedicated in our worship. Hananiah was an example of reverence. He "was a faithful man and feared God more than many." In the public assembly for worship, he was faithful to gather with the people of God. In the private moments, his heart was fixated on worshipping God. Are you faithful to attend the worship services of the church? We need to rebuild the altar, if we would see revitalization in the church.

Dedication further is linked to RECEPTIVENESS. We find those dedicated in their supplication, (v. 3-5). God spoke to Nehemiah's heart and gave him direction. He was operating on the same wavelength. God is continually speaking; but are we listening? Our attitude needs to be like that of young Samuel who responded to God's voice with, "Speak, LORD, for Your servant hears," (1 Sam. 3:9).

Dedication will bring RESPECTABILITY. There is dedication to the saints, (v. 6-62). There is listed name after name - documented in the eternal record. The Holy Spirit saw to it that the names of these people were preserved as treasures in God's trophy case. Let me tell you where your name must be recorded--in the Lamb's Book of Life. If e our name is not on that heavenly register then we will not be allowed entrance into glory. Then, in loving response to salvation, we ought to seek to honor the Lord in all our ways. To do so is to store up reward in eternity and respectability on earth.

Dedication is bound up with RIGHTEOUSNESS. There were those dedicated in their sanctification (v. 63-65). Nehemiah was insistent that those who were defiled could not partake of holy things. The power of the early church was in large measure due to their purity of conviction and conduct—-of doctrine and deeds. The cancer of compromise is killing many churches today.

Dedication is going to mean RESPONSIVENESS. This was indicated in the dedication of their stewardship, (v. 66-73). If our heart is right, then we will be responsive in giving back to the God who has given us so much. If a man or woman is not faithful in giving, it is doubtful they will be in any other area. Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also," (Matt. 6:21).

Ultimately, it is not your money God wants, but your heart. Those who are dedicated to church revitalization will display it in their reliability, reverence, receptiveness, respectability, righteousness, and responsiveness.

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