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If you are a pastor or elected messenger from your church, you want to ride on over to Clyde First Baptist Church, on Tuesday evening, May 10 for the quarterly meeting of Haywood Baptist Association. Clyde First has graciously offered to feed us a light meal from 6-7, and are hosting the meeting beginning at 7. It is a great opportunity for information and inspiration!

Three of our churches will be recognized for their exceptional giving to the 2021 NC Missions Offering.

  • Green Valley was the top giver in the Association--and #47 in the state!

  • Crestview was the second largest contributor in the Association.

  • Allen's Creek gave the third highest amount among Haywood Baptists.

We are grateful for all our churches and every gift large and small--beginning in your community and this Association, extending to the ends of the earth! God bless you for it!

I hope to see you on May 10.

Your Brother,

Dennis Thurman, Haywood Baptist AMS

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