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What binds us together as an association of churches?

There are two pillars on which our cooperation stands--conviction and mission.

We share a common faith as Baptists. Doubtless, there are some areas where we may disagree, as we move into peripheral matters. It is not that those issues are unimportant--all that we believe the Scriptures teach is authoritative and provides instruction for the church. Some Baptists, however, will take the same text and come to different conclusions. Both cannot be correct (though both might be wrong).

What we must agree on are those matters fundamental to the Christian faith and foundational to Baptist distinctives. Haywood Baptists have committed to the convictions expressed in The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000. Practices and teachings contrary to that are a departure from the Baptist understanding of Scripture and unravel the confessional threads of truth that bind the fabric of cooperation together.

Further, we must agree to support with our participation and finances the mission God has called us to do in Haywood County and beyond. It is not enough to merely say, "Amen." to missions. We must put our money where our mouth is. If a church desires to be part of this Association, they need to give something. Investing time in attending meetings and involvement in mission efforts is important also. Without the support of our member churches, then the cooperative effort for Gospel impact falters, fades, and fails.

I pray that we will rally together in believing firmly and supporting faithfully the cooperative work of the Haywood Baptist Association. I am always willing to have a conversation about this, to answer questions, and hear suggestions--all to the progress of the Kingdom of God in Haywood County. Brothers and sisters, pray for us!

Your Mission Strategist,

Dennis Thurman

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