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What in the world is NCMO and why does it matter?

The letters stand for the North Carolina Missions Offering. Each fall, we have an opportunity to support mission and ministry efforts in North Carolina.

Disaster Relief is one of the most prominent ministries. Haywood Baptists and our county have been served by Baptists On Mission, in recovery from last year's flood. The yellow shorts and caps worn by the volunteers alert the needy that help has arrived where hurricanes, floods, and so forth have impacted communities.

Ministry partnerships reach beyond our state and nation. Church planters are aided in Armenia, children are reached in Hungary, and construction teams have traveled to Africa! Around 50 new church planters are assisted in North Carolina annually with help from this offering.

Of course, a ministry dear to my heart is Fruitland Baptist Bible College. I graduated from there and now am part of the faculty. NCMO is part of the funding for this vital school, preparing ministers to serve our churches.

I want to thank all of our churches that are giving to this cause. I do want to acknowledge one of our smaller churches that is having a great impact: Green Valley Baptist Church and Pastor Todd Cole. Do you realize that out of over 4000 churches in the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Green Valley was number 47 in giving to NCMO? That is phenomenal!

Do what you can. May everybody do something. People need the Lord!

Your Mission Strategist,

Dennis Thurman

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