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So, God willing, as we gather for our Thanksgiving Day meal, we will have a lot of food--turkey, for sure--and other traditional thanksgiving fare, but also some of this and some of that, because we asked our kids what they wanted. Out of 20+ people, you get some diversity of dining desires. As to the conversation, we will talk sports, shopping, current events and family plans--a veritable smorgasbord of topics--a lot of this and that.

You are getting the same thing in this article--this and that. No coherent theme, but hopefully something on the table that you find to suit your taste.

Last Sunday, I completed a tour of duty as interim at Calvary in Canton. I am grateful for the opportunity and ask you to pray for that sister church as they search for a pastor. That means, "I'm available!" This Lord's Day, I am scheduled to baptize my granddaughter, Cora, at Pole Creek. But until January 23rd when I am to preach at Antioch, I am ready to fill the pulpit when needed. If you would like to discuss revitalization and replanting at your church, I would be glad to meet with your leaders.

I also received an offer to teach Pastoral Counseling at Fruitland Baptist Bible College on Tuesday mornings, starting with the spring quarter next year. I shared this with our HBA Officers who enthusiastically and unanimously endorsed this. It can help provide a pipeline of young men for our pulpits and to serve as interns, so I am excited for this.

Let me say how grateful I am for our pastors who are faithful to feed and lead their flocks. Here is a link to an article which I pray might encourage these men to keep on keeping on!

One of those pastors, Eric Sutton, of Maggie Valley First, was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. We are grateful God is healing him and has brought him home now to his wife, who also had to deal with a bout of coronavirus. I know they appreciate your prayers for ongoing recovery. But, we thank God for progress!

Now, that is a lot of this and that, but I want to close by wishing you and your loved ones a "Happy Thanksgiving!"

In His Service,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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