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If Vermont were in a foreign nation, its citizens would be considered an unreached people group! It is a very secular state. Yet, God is working. Some of our folks from Haywood County are there making a difference. Churches have been planted--and more are soon to be--as Gospel work grows even in a barren field.

We have discussed several types of mission trips to Vermont and had hoped to go after Easter. In conversation with the church planters there, what they are requesting is for 5-8 Pastors to come for a vision trip, May 11-16.

We are planning to fly. There are funds available from the Association to help with one third of the cost. Also, we would like for your church to chip in a third and for the pastor to be responsible for a third. A commitment and deposit of $300 needs to be made ASAP, so we can order tickets and plan lodging.

Please let us hear from you this week!

Yours for the Gospel,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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