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Last night I attended a basketball game between Enka and Pisgah. I have a great interest in Jets basketball because I have a grandson who started on the varsity (and had a great game by the way), as well as a son who is an assistant coach. Not to mention, there is a granddaughter who is a JV cheerleader.

Pisgah won. Congratulations to them. Sitting on the Pisgah side no doubt were some members of our Haywood Baptist Churches--maybe even a pastor or two. That is why I am writing this article--to ask forgiveness.

Now, none may have heard me critiquing the referees, but I can be loud. Hopefully, they ignored my "observations." But, it is certain that God heard me, and this morning the Lord reminded me, "For every idle word that men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment," (Matt.12:36). That is convicting.

So, I ask any of you who might have been there and heard me to please forgive me. I did not represent our Lord or Haywood Baptists well. You deserve better than that.

I would not be a referee or umpire for all the tea in China. Having been the subject of criticism as a church leader, and knowing the sting of sharp words, I do not need to direct such to others. I broke the Golden Rule.

The Jets will visit the Pisgah gym in a few days. God willing, I will be here loudly cheering for my team, but with God's help trying to restrain anger for the sake of the Lord's team. Basketball is a game. Eternity is what matters. Sometimes I need a reminder.

Your Servant,

Dennis Thurman, Misson Strategist

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