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When the fire of God fell at Pentecost, the church was born. Sadly, the flame of passion for God began to diminish. The church at Ephesus was confronted for leaving their first love and was told that God would remove their lampstand if that zeal for Him was not rekindled. Indeed, the church at Sardis was dead--with only a few glowing embers buried under the ashes of a once vital community of faith. The lukewarmness of a convenient, comfortable Christianity at Laodicia nauseated God. Is this not descriptive of many churches today? Revival is a rekindling of the flame.

An Old Testament illustration is given in 1 Kings 18:20-40. The spiritual life of Israel was in decline. Paganism was pervasive. God sent Elijah to stir up a revival. The story presents three essentials.

The need to PREPARE. They brought the people together. The challenge was issued. The sacrifice was prepared. We cannot light the fire of revival, but we can prepare ourselves in faith to receive it.

The need to REPAIR. The altar was broken down. It had been neglected. There were repairs made. Until the altar is repaired in our personal, family, and church life there will be no revival. Paul entreated us to present our bodies as living sacrifices. This is the need for commitment.

The need for PRAYER. Elijah prayed and the fire fell! We must call upon the Lord. Are we desperate enough? Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer. There will be a prayer gathering at Waynesville in front of the Courthouse at noon. Join us if you can!

Let the fire fall!

Dennis Thurman, Mission Strategist

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