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We are familiar with the Christmas song, "Go, Tell It on the Mountain," which builds on the Gospel message given by angels to shepherds and encourages us to go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere".

If we are missing this point, what is the point of our being here? God sent His Son because there is no other way to heaven. The Good News is that Jesus came, died, arose and that by faith in Him, we may be saved!

We are praying about an evangelistic crusade with Rick Gage and "Go Tell," ministries. It has been many years since Haywood County has experienced such an effort. The fields are ripe--the harvest plentiful. As Jesus commanded us then we must pray--and specifically for laborers.

If we are to have a crusade that will impact this county, we must have one or two key leaders at the top to form a Task Force. This person(s) might be male or female but must have a deep spiritual commitment and involvement in their church, as well as be highly organized and possess leadership skills. If you know of someone who fits that role, please call, text, or email me.

I was greatly encouraged by the number of pastors, staff, and lay persons who came to the Pastors' Conference to hear Rick last Monday. The group seemed open, even enthusiastic, about the possibility. Let me know if you and your church are on board.

We would also want to involve other evangelical churches--independent, non-denominational, and other denominations, so long as they are uncompromising in the Gospel and believe the Bible to be the Word of God. Here is a link to a video about Go Tell:

Yours in Going and Telling,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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