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In the wake of the brutal murders in Nashville at the Covenant Christian school, we join in sharing the tears and travail of all who faced such terror. Our prayers go out to the Pastor and his wife whose little girl was among the dead. What heartache! Yet, because of the death of Jesus and His resurrection victory, death has been defeated. Those who died in faith in Christ are safely home and gladness will overcome sadness on that great reunion day.

We pray for all those who grieve. Yet, our hearts should also ache for this nation that seems caught in the death throes of a society. We are seeing our country's moral and religious fabric unraveling before our eyes. Still, we have some hope. Nineveh was one of the most demonic, perverse, and violent cities ever. The Assyrians were bloodthirsty. What hope is there for people like that? Jonah preached and a spiritual awakening came. The people repented and God relented of the judgment He intended. If it could happen to Nineveh, the possibility is that the same God could do this for America! Let us pray so!

Ultimately, Nineveh would return to its evil and God would judge them, as recorded in Nahum. The heartbreaking reality is that this world is bound for judgment--America included. Yet, the darkest hour will be just before dawn. The blessed hope is in the second coming of Jesus Christ. Inexorably and invincibly His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Yours in Grief and Joy,

Dennis Thurman, Mission Strategist

Here is a picture of Pastor Chad Scruggs and his deceased daughter, Hallie--only 9 years old--as well as his wife and the other children.

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