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Labor Day is not far away--a time to celebrate those who work to provide for their families and make America thrive. The city of Canton plan to resume their Labor Day Festival on September 5-6 after a year's hiatus due to the pandemic. Haywood Baptist churches have been invited to set up shop at the festival and offer ministries to those attending as a labor of love.

Some of you may recall how successful this effort was a couple of years ago. Now, we can hopefully even expand and enhance our efforts based on our experience. Would you begin praying for this outreach and get on board to help?

It goes beyond a Canton event. Although located there, it is really regional in scope, and people visit from all over--even other countries! What a mission field that comes to us and gives your local church visibility in the community. That is why we will encourage you to wear T-shirts with your church name on them.

What are some of the things we may do? Inflatables for the kids, provide sunscreen and water, salvation bracelets, New Testaments and materials, tents for diaper changing and nursing mothers, and we are open to other ideas. It is time to organize and plan!

With this in mind, we have two important sessions:

1) Planning and Brainstorming Session, August 5, 6:30 PM at HBA offices.

2) Evangelism Training, August 26, 6:30 PM at HBA.

Since we are working with minors, a background check will be required for all volunteers. Should you have one currently on file with your church, then verification from the church will be acceptable.

Yours Laboring in the Field,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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