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As a lad, Jesus already understood His calling and sensed a compulsion to be about His "Father's business" (Lk.2:49). When He concluded His work on earth, He commissioned us to do likewise, "As the Father has sent Me, I also send you," (John 20:21). So, let me ask you, "How's business?" Are you busy doing the Father's business? I didn't ask, "Are you busy?" We always seem to be that way--even in church life. The concern is, are we doing religious busyness or the Father's business? Those are not the same!

We have one assignment--the Great Commission. We are called to be the Body of Christ in our community. No matter what else we might do well if we are not reaching the sinner and teaching those saved, we are failing.

Here are some opportunities:

1)LABOR DAY FESTIVAL IN CANTON. The link is below. We have been invited to set up shop at the festival and offer ministries to those attending. This we will do, "GOD WILLING!" The last two years have shut it down--from COVID and then flooding. Our prayer is that this year we get to show up and serve. It is a great mission opportunity. This gives your local church visibility in the community. That is why we will encourage you to wear T-shirts with your church name on them.

What are some of the things we may do? Inflatables for the kids, provide sunscreen and water, salvation bracelets, New Testaments and materials, tents for diaper changing and nursing mothers, and we are open to other ideas. On the July 4+1 Celebration in Canton, we had a "trial run" with several churches. It went great--until the thunderstorm came! It was a good learning experience. Would you let us know if you or your church intend to help? We cannot do it without you!

Since we are working with minors, a background check will be required for all volunteers. Should you have one currently on file with your church, then verification from the church will be acceptable.

2) MOUNTAIN STATE FAIR MINISTRY at the Ag Center near Asheville Airport. I am leading the Hospitality Break Tent Ministry for the fair workers on the 10 PM to Midnight shift on September 9. I need at least 3 people to help me. All you have to do is smile, serve food, show concern, and be ready to share the Gospel if the door opens in the conversation! Let me know!

Yours in Being About the Father's Business,

Dennis Thurman, AMS

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